quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

II Festival de Arte Contemporânea Finlandesa

Até ao dia 14 de Dezembro está patente ao publico na Galeria do Palácio o II Festival de Arte Contemporânea Finlandesa. Devo dizer que não ouvi falar do primeiro mas fiquei com alguma curiosidade sobre este e a visita proporcionou-se. Adianto que não fiquei muito impressionado com a mostra mas deu para encontrar alguns trabalhos interessantes. Quem passar nos próximos dias pelo Palácio de Cristal aproveite para visitar este espaço, com a exposição a ocupar os dois pisos da galeria. Fiquem com as imagens de alguns trabalhos.

(imagem superior)
elina aho - man with the black hat (série indentities) - 2008 - oil on canvas

arja krossbeck - detachment 1 - 2009 - pastel
elisa heinonen - dance - 2008 - acrylic on canvas

mari isotalo (holopainen) - sunflight - 2008 - oil on canvas
marjatta tolonen - siren is singing - 2009 - carborundum

mika vesalahti - flow - 2007 - acrylic & oil on canvas
mika vesalahti - mater - 2007 - acrylic & oil on canvas

pia saari - this is my child - 2008 - oil on canvas
sanna haimila - easy chair traveller - 2009 - oil & watercolour on canvas

seija sainio - quite old - 2009 - oil on canvas
seija sainio - so fifty - 2009 - oil on canvas

zamuel hube - giant on the beach - 2009 - oil on canvas
zamuel hube - little boy on the beach - 2009 - oil on canvas

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  1. Hi, I was googling the net and found your blog post about Finnish Art Festival in Porto; I was delighted to see it because I was one of the artists there (Elina Aho) and would be happy to hear how people liked the exhibition. You can see more of my paintings at http://picasaweb.google.fi/aho.elina/ElinaAhoPaintings# if you feel interested. Best greetings from Finland, Elina

  2. Hi Elina.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    I had the opportunity to visit the festival as I went to the gallery for a conference that the organization where I work (a non-profit organization that presents art as integration process) held there.
    I'm also studying art-history at Porto University so I'm very interested in finding out what kind of proposals and styles are being presented to the art-market nowadays. In the last half-year I visited several exhibits and markets such as "Vila Nova de Cerveira Contemporary Art Bienal" (Portugal), "Lyon Contemporary Art Bienal" (France), "Espacio Atlantico Art Fair" (Spain) and it's, for sure, a very big world with a lot of ways to express something. In this particular one "II Finnish Art Festival" (Porto - Portugal) I confess that I become somehow divided. The works that I present here where the ones I liked most, so congratulations, your work was one of my favourites. :)
    I also pay especial notice to Seija Sainio work.
    I already visit the link you sent me. Thank you. You have an interesting work. Could you tell me the concept behind it? You have a lot of human figure there and I like that. They exist? They are real?
    And how's working in Finland? What's the mainstream over-there?
    Well, once again, thanks for your visit!
    Best regards,
    Nuno Ferreira